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Oct 4 – James (trade with Karen)
Oct 18 – Karen
Nov 1 – Barbara
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Dec 6 – Karen
Dec 20 – James
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Once more with feeling ---

Dear Co-op Members –
Some of you may have missed our previous message in December that the Co-op has shut down, for reasons of low participation and volunteerism. We simply can’t run a market without volunteers, and it isn’t worth the time of those who do show up if there are few orders to distribute. The core group of mostly older ladies cannot do this anymore.
I have left the website open in the hopes that someone will come forward and agree to try to revive the market with new energy. If you want to be that person, please contact us. In the meantime, several of our vendors have expressed willingness to sell individually by arrangement. You can contact following listed and make your own arrangements.
Mountain Meadows: They deliver once a month to Hot Springs –, 479-234-8245

The Herb Square – Stacie Highsmith

Gail Urbanowicz — — 767-9644or 622-9654
To any member who desires my products please contact me at my email ( and we can arrange for delivery. I have eggs most of time, essential oils products and fresh herbs in summer ( parsley grows year around) and rabbit manure. I also have frozen rabbit, but never sold at market as not fda approved.
Burns Twice – Jeff Short — — 501-337-7107

All the best,
Karen Holcomb
Former Market Manager