Slarita Farms


Slarita Farms is a small, 40-acre hobby farm located in Pearcy off Sunshine Road. We practice organic and sustainable gardening and have great concern for the quality of our food source and our footprint in general. How we farm is governed by these concerns and our belief system – the desire for quality, nutritious food raised in the most natural way possible, without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Our chickens pasture roam whenever possible – usually every day – and their feed contains no antibioics or hormones – thank goodness!*

We focus on lazy gardening. This means we look for plants that are well suited to our droughty Zone 7 climate. If you see VEC (Very Easy Care), you will know this is one of those plants. We garden without formal irrigation so for many plants being drought tolerant is critical.

If you have ANY questions about how to grow something, please email us at Also, if you are ever dissatisfied with a purchase, please contact us immediately. We want you happy. We will replace the item if at all possible.


EGGS: From our girls. They free range (not the euphemistic term; real, live daytime pasture meandering at will) most of the time but coop up at night for protection from predators. What the girls don’t get when combing natures provisions, they get from the hormone-free and antibiotic-free food at their disposal.

PLANTS: Herbs mostly

FOOD: Mostly heirloom seasonal vegetables

*Sometimes we use commercial potting soils that contain synthetic fertilizer for plant starts.

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