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Mountain Meadows Farm – Quality Meats…Beyond Organic…Non GMO…Fertrell Minerals
Sustainable Farm Living

We are committed to growing wholesome food for families to increase health, awareness, and a cooperative spirit. We want to return to our roots and support the small farmers, while being ecologically aware and efficient with the land God Entrusted to us.

We grow everything from grass-fed beef to wholesome poultry. We are a family owned and operated farm with the goal of producing meat products with excellent quality We use Non-GMO certified feed & Fertrell minerals for our pigs, laying hens, broilers, and turkeys to increase nutrition and to give a natural environment for the livestock. Our cows are grass-fed on fresh grass daily and supplemented with Fertrell minerals.

We are making every effort to insure that our meat products are as natural as possible. Our pastures are chemical fertilizer and herbicide FREE. We use a pasture rotation system which ensures clean pastures for our livestock’s consumption, while enriching the soil naturally.

All of our animals are antibiotic, steroid, and hormone FREE.

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