Farming Innovations, LLC

Website: www.farminginnovations.com

At our small farm just outside Mena Arkansas we use a recirculating aquaculture system along with flow through troughs called deep water channels, and flood and drain rock grow beds to grow fish and plants in a symbiotic system called “aquaponics”. We also grow vegetables outside and in greenhouses using natural methods of fertilization. We use OMRI listed products in preference to others and no chemical pesticides. We also are Arkansas Grown Certified.

For a year and a half we have been constructing, clearing, and growing. This year will be focused on increasing our output by more intensive farming techniques and increasing fertility in our field gardens. This coupled with increasing our fish population to support more and faster growth in our 3000 aquaponic growing holes, should increase our yields and help us meet a growing demand for our produce.

We help people get started in aquaponics with farm tours, kits, advice, and experienced counsel. We also offer help with winter growing in Arkansas and intensive growing. This year we will offer, Tilapia fish aquaponically grown. These fish will be sold whole, fresh on ice.

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