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In 1979 I left my world as a deep-sea diver and moved to a remote mountain deep in the Ozark forest near Parthenon, Ark to grow ginseng. The first eight years I lived like a hermit, very seldom leaving my mountain except to buy supplies. The time was spent tending my ginseng gardens, growing and collecting wild herbs and studying their medicinal uses. In 1987 I made my first venture to the outside world with my little box of herbal mixtures to share with those who needed them. The response was encouraging and soon the little box had grown to a truck load and my study had become more intense and by 1992 I had earned the degree of Doctor of Naturopathy and was traveling coast to coast selling my remedies and giving lectures at colleges, medical conventions, and health expos.
This continued until 1998 when I decided that nineteen years living on top of a mountain like a hermit was enough and moved down to Hot Springs, Ark to be near the healing waters and make it easier for people to have access to my remedies. Of course I still have my ginseng gardens up in Parthenon and this last fall I harvested some of the most fantastic ginseng roots in the world. This ginseng is from the seeds I planted in 1979 and 1980. This is the best ginseng on the market, nowhere else can you buy 30 year old ginseng. These roots would bring $1200 a pound on the Hong Kong market if I wanted to conform to all of the government rules and regulations, but I choose to sell them here for $500 a pound for sliced or powered roots.
I have it in sliced or powdered roots at $32 per oz. or in capsules $30 for 50 caps.
Try it and if it’s not the best ginseng you’ve ever had then please call me and tell me I’ve wasted 30 years of my life.

I have many more things, check out my website Call (501) 623-3204 or mail order to The Ginseng Garden P.O. 85 Hot Springs Ark 71902 or email

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