Greendale Acres

A few acres, family, and fun that grew out of homeschooling and 4-H. Eggs are gathered daily from well loved chickens on our property. The chickens have a large coop and are allowed daylight to dark rummaging in grass and dirt for bugs in their large covered run in addition to commercial feeds. The covered run is to protect our hens from the many hawks and predators at the edge of our property. Eggs vary in color from white to dark brown, depending on which chicken laid that egg. We don’t use any chemicals or synthetic fertilizers on our grass and avoid feeds with any antibiotics and hormones whenever possible.

Eggs are ungraded although we do have a scale to determine size. We also reuse old egg cartons whenever possible.

Knitted crafts are made by Mom and sometimes sold under the name MisKnits as each item is truely unique and may have a ‘special stitch’ or two misplaced in the designs. Most yarns are new, but some yarns are repurposed from older projects. Repurposed yarns are cleaned and reknitted into a new item for a new life.

Sewn crafts are made by Grandma. An amazing seamstress, she has been sewing since childhood.

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