JV Farms

Website: www.jvfarms71929.com

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Using organic and all natural growing methods. Your visit to the farm is welcome. The “Milkbarn Farm Store” is open on Fridays Noon till 5 PM. We grow seasonal crops, pasture raised chickens, free range eggs, and grass/woodland raised hogs, and pasture based raw milk from jersey cows. We use the animals to help enrich the soil where we grow crops and grass. We mix our own grain rations that we use supplementing the grass the animals graze. We also process all chickens here on the farm and all pigs, lambs, goats, and beef are processed locally in hot springs under usda inspection. We are locatedlocated just 12 miles south of hot springs at Bismarck. We are the fith generation to homestead/farm this land that has been in the family for well over 150 YEARS.

You can call us with any questions!

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