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Sept. 7 – Karen H.
Sept. 21 – James
Oct. 5 – Barbara
Oct. 19 – Julie
Nov. 2 – Karen
Nov. 16 – James
Nov. 30 – Barbara
Dec. 14 – Julie
Dec. 28 – Karen
Jan. 11 – James
Jan. 25 – Barb

Please let the market managers group know if you need to reschedule or change.

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Just a reminder that if you want items from Arkansas Natural Produce, you’ll need to place your co-op order before Monday night.

Also, Bluebird Hill products will be offered only once a month, so be sure to stock up on those this market.

We’ll be needing volunteers for all markets in late January and February, so
do please click on the Volunteer Spot button at the top of the market page and
sign up to man a market. Your co-op needs you!

Thanks as always for your support of Spa City Co-op.

The market is open.

The market is now open for ordering

The Spa City Co-op market is now open for ordering at

Please place your orders before Tuesday at 9 pm, and plan to pick up your orders at Emergent Arts on Friday from 3PM to 4:30PM. If you’re unable to pick up your order at this time please make arrangements to have your order picked up for you.
Remember to scroll all the way down and click place this order.

Don’t forget – this market has no paid positions, so we NEED VOLUNTEERS to run every market. It’s fun, you get a $5 gift card as well as extend your membership by 2 months, and you learn so much about local foods in Arkansas.
Have a great week and see you on Friday!

this market’s manager
Julie Alexander

Happy New Year

Dear Members and Friends of Spa City Co-op-

As this year closes and another begins, we want to express our thanks for your support of the mission of Spa City Co-op, that of supporting farmers and local producers who feed us.

In the spirit of feeding a hungry people, your donations this year have made it possible for the Co-op to forward a healthy donation to Project Hope Food Bank.

We look forward to serving you in 2018, and wish you all a Happy New Year!

The Market Managers

The market is now closed for ordering

The Spa City Co-op market is now closed for ordering. Please plan to pick up your order this Friday between 3 and 4:30 pm.
Should you be unable to pick up, please arrange for a friend to do so for you.

Thank you for ordering from Spa City Co-op
This weeks market manager
Julie Alexander

Volunteer NEEDED

For anyone that wishes to step up and volunteer for the market please log in to the market and click on the volunteer spot link at the top of the page. Sign up with them and it will show the days and times where people are needed. Thanks for supporting your local market.
As of now we need one more volunteer for the Market on Friday.

only a few hours left

Just a reminder that there are only a few hours left to get your order in for this market today before 9 P.M.

Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom and click place this order button.

Hope to see you Friday.

Rabbit manure another vendor

Butterflies Farm Rabbit Manure

$2.50 gal.

Butterflies Farm’s main fertilizer. Will not burn plants mixed directly into soil. Call or email to make delivery arrangements.


Rabbit manure

Emergent Arts has requested that rabbit manure not be delivered to the building.
You can contact Makes Scents directly to make arrangements to order the manure 7679644 or 6229654

reminder to place your orders before tomorrow evening at 9 pm.

If you haven’t ordered yet, please do so by tomorrow evening.
Happy Holidays to all from the managers, vendors and volunteers at Spa City Locally Grown!

Rabbit Manure

We will no longer be able to sell Rabbit manure through the co-op due to our landlords regulations. Please understand our position and thank you in advance.
Karen S.