No_image Red Buckeye seeds
Grower: Burns Twice Farm
Price: $1.50 ( 3 seeds)
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The small tree or shrub is native to the southern and eastern parts of the United States, found from Illinois to Virginia in the north and from Texas to Florida in the south. Buckeyes are rumored to prevent arthritis. If you put the smooth and roundish buckeye in your pocket, right after the nut-like seed has matured in the fall, it may help relieve the stiffness and improvement movement. If you grow a shrub with the seed in a suitable spot that won’t be mowed or whacked-down, it' red flowers will provide an early source of nourishment to hummingbirds in the spring. That might be considered good fortune, too. Either outcome is worth a try. Note: buckeye seeds are toxic to humans so take precautions for children and some pets.