Jerry_031 Beef - On the Rail
Grower: Bluebird Hill Berry Farm
Price: $2.95 ( Per pound on the rail)
%> Available (Estimated): 1

You may purchase a pasture raised beef and have it processed to your liking. I will deliver the animal to the local processing plant (Ferguson's Packing) You will be responsible for the processing fee but delivery there will be free and delivery of the processed product to you will also be free. As an animal owner you may have a custom processor do the processing for you the way you would like for it to be done. A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OF $200.00 WILL BE REQUIRED BEFORE THE ANIMAL IS DELIVERED TO THE PROCESSOR! The deposit goes toward the purchase price when the deal is completed. To discuss this further call 479-264-0197 or e-mail to